What Cryptocurrency is Better for Investment in 2018

What Cryptocurrency is Better for Investment in 2018

The greatest confidence among traders and crypto-investors is enjoyed by the digital currencies represented in the top ten of the Coinmarketcap rating. This could be explained by the influence of various factors. The most important among them are:

  • high liquidity,
  • stable growth rate,
  • prospects for further development of the ecosystem,
  • the reputation of developers.

It is also notable that in the world of cryptocurrency everything is changing very rapidly.

Nevertheless, at the time of this review, the total capitalization of the first ten cryptocurrencies of the Coinmarketcap rating is $122.4 billion. If this number is compared to the total value of all the crypto-currencies, which is $138.8 billion presented on this service, popular digital currencies will comprise 88%.

The Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies

The Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies

Let’s review the most reliable and promising cryptocurrencies of 2018. Bitcoin is the first in the history and the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Created at the turn of 2008-2009 and is still actively developing. On the basis of the bitcoin blockchain, numerous developments are conducted and various solutions are being implemented to improve it. It was the appearance of bitcoin that caused such a rapid development of the crypto-currency market and the regular appearance of a wide variety of digital assets. Market growth is also driven by eCommerce, bitcoin online casinos and other industries that added crypto to their accepted payment methods.

At the basis of bitcoin lies the revolutionary technology of blockchain, which has been actively explored and developed by the largest companies of the world for many years and is also used in many industries. The current capitalization of bitcoin is $71 billion, which exceeds the cost of many large companies with a worldwide reputation. The offer of the first digital currency is strictly limited to 21 million BTC.



This is the digital currency platform for creating the decentralized online services based on the blockchain called Dapps working on the basis of smart contracts. Bitcoin is often called a digital gold because of the complexity of its extraction, limited supply, and excellent investment qualities. Ethereum is sometimes referred to as the digital analogue of oil. It could be explained by the fact that ethereum is something like a “fuel” for smart contracts and the Dapps created on their basis.

In the crypto community, disputes about which investment object is more attractive – bitcoin or Ethereum – do not subside. Despite the relatively young age of the latter (the Ethereum network was launched on July 30, 2015), rather well-known personalities of the world prefer this cryptocurrency. They are convinced that soon the popularity of Ethereum will eclipse Bitcoin.


This cryptocurrency is used in the system of gross calculations in real time, as well as for the exchange of currencies and money transfers. The Ripple protocol was launched in 2012. Its goal is to provide “safe, instant and almost free global financial transactions of any size without refunds.” According to some crypto-enthusiasts, the Ripple payment system may become an “alternative to SWIFT” in the future. The largest companies and banks of the world cooperate with Ripple, including BBVA, Mizuho, ​​Mitsubishi UFJ, UniCredit, UBS, and Santander.